Specialized Carbon Demo

Another bike experiencing a re-birth with the latest cool material – carbon fibre – is the already world-dominating Specialized Demo. Troy Brosnan convincingly won the 2011 Junior World Championships on his carbon Demo alongside his then team-mate Brendan Fairclough who placed fifth in the seniors at the same race, and Sam Hill proved the bike’s worth and reliability for his top five overall finish in the 2012 World Cup.

But does the carbon make that much difference? More to the point, does it need to? The Demo has already proved its worth with its many titles and has become a key player in the privateer downhill rider’s market, so there was clearly no need to radically change the dimensions of the bike, and a lighter, more robust material can surely only make this bike even more desirable.

However the new price tag may deter many potential buyers, but those in the know will understand that these materials are not cheap and you get what you pay for; a high-performance, world beating dream machine.

Price: S-Works Frame £3500.00

Complete £4000.00

Specialized UK 02083 913 500