It’s hard not to draw comparison with the ever popular Maxxis Minion front tyre when you look at a Butcher, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Maxxis once dominated the downhill tyre world with supreme tread patterns and rubber quality, but Specialized have now struck a perfect balance with a ‘super tacky’ 42a compound coupled with a hardwearing casing.

We love the Butcher and have absolute confidence in their ability on all downhill terrains, in conditions ranging from super-dry to medium. They only seem to come unstuck in slippery grime, but then that is probably too much to ask of a dry weather tyre anyway. The rubber compound is the same used in many top DH offerings and yet it seems that these are some of the hardest wearing in their category. That’s big news if you ride your bike regularly and have to fork out for new tyres every few weeks.

Finally, the limits of these tyres are hard to reach and when you do so, they don’t ‘snap out’ from under you at all, instead they give a predictable, manageable slide which makes them one of the most confidence inspiring tyres on sale.

PRICE: £44.99

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