The tiny surface area that full-on crosscountry style SPD pedals provide may be the lightest possible solution for a clip-in pedal, but for trail riders who do more than a pootle around the park (or an Olympic XC track), some sort of foot support is necessary.

This XTR Trail SPD does exactly as its name suggests and the big S have gone and done it again; this really is the perfect lightweight option for clipped-in trail riders. The platform is smaller than a downhill orientated SPD, but this equals lighter – coming in at under 400g. Shimano quality is present throughout and every component of the pedal is top quality, not least the famously long lasting bearings. The adjustable cleat tension is also welcome feature, something that the competition doesn’t always offer.

They aren’t cheap, but then again there are plenty of pedals that cost a whole lot more and if you don’t mind a little more weight the XT version feels the same performance wise.

Price: £119.99