Comfortable, lightweight, minimal. What else do you need to know about Scott’s Minus gloves?

Well everything that comes out of the Scott factory seems to have ultimate performance mixed with quality styling and long life-span, and the Minus gloves are easily the best winter glove on sale right now. These are made to keep your hands warm throughout even the harshest of winters and that they most certainly do, without being in the slightest bit bulky and with no kooky padding on the palm as some other manufacturers seem insistent on featuring throughout winter ranges. This is all thanks to the soft and comfortable Windstopper material that keeps out the cold wind (of course!) and also all but the heaviest of rain. They come in at the expensive end of the glove world but you will be more than thankful for them when your hands are warm and snug on every ride all winter long.

As a side-note, Scott also make a liner glove that costs just under thirty pounds to ensure that all bases are covered for those who ride in super cold climates.

PRICE: £42.99

Scott Sports 01670 712 129