Scott Gambler

Scott’s flagship downhill bike, the Gambler, has taken quite an overhaul for 2013. The old design was beginning to become a little out-dated and with that Scott’s product manager, Ben Walker, set about creating a beast that the brand could be truly proud of.

The new style Gambler, we think it is fair to say, definitely fits into the ‘extreme dh’ category, it is as full-on as downhill bikes get; super low, slack and long. Is that really a good thing? We think so. There are few brands with enough belief in a very niche product to make it even more niche; in short, this bike is built for big, burly downhill tracks, alpine mountainsides and the high speeds of World Cup downhill racing.

That cuts out quite a chunk of the market and Scott sure aren’t going to be shouting about the bike’s pedalling efficiency or versatility – but that will only give them more reason to be proud of the bike’s unparalleled traction in corners and its incredible ability to absorb everything from the faintest bump to the heaviest of landings. Designed around Ben’s local tracks in Champery and Morgins (Switzerland), its nature should come as no surprise, nor its ability to handle anything and everything you throw at it.

Price: Complete £4999.00

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