The Revelation World Cup is quite simply the ultimate 150mm fork on the market. It’s packed with features and super lightweight too. For an air fork the supple nature of the Revelation is astounding, they’ll smooth out every little bump in your path with little fuss, and the new three-way adjustable lock-out gives you three distinct settings: open/fully active, firm (will take out the big hits), and full lock-out. This feature in itself makes it easy for trail riders to adjust the feel of their bike according to the terrain, and it’s the sort of user-friendly feature that we’ve come to expect from RockShox.

The carbon steerer keeps the weight down to an impressive 1479g, whilst the ‘Power Bulge’ around the bushes limits flex and improves the lifespan of the fork. If you haven’t ever ridden a set of these forks then make sure you do as you’ll soon discover why they’re named as they are.

Price: £899.99

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