RockShox Lyrik RC2 DH

It’s hard to define the purpose of the Lyrik without using the term ‘freeride’; these are more than a trail fork, but less than a full-on DH one. But there is more of a place for the Lyrik in the current riding trend than ever, because if you like riding down hills and occasionally up, then you’ll be after something strong, long-travel, reliable and adjustable.

The Lyrik RC2 DH does all of those better than any other, and at a reasonable price. Available with air or coil spring, and weighing from 2180grams, they are pretty light for something of their ilk too.

RockShox’s famously easy to use set-up charts will also ensure that you get them working just right, and perhaps that’s one reason why every set we’ve tried have felt spot-on. The ease with which they can be serviced is the final icing on the cake.

Fisher Outdoor Leisure: 01727 798340

Price: £799.99