Rockshox Boxxer R2C2

The BoXXer R2C2 is RockShox’s mid-range downhill fork, it’s coil-sprung and it hasn’t changed an awful lot for 2013. We have decided to include this fork not because it is ground-breakingly different, but because it has become a true staple of the privateer downhiller’s diet.

You’ll see these on perhaps more bikes than any other because they strike a balance of value, performance and user-friendliness. Adjustment is ample with low and high speed compression, beginning and end stroke rebound, and bottom-out control all taken care of externally. All this is also very easily understood with the help of SRAM’s brilliant online ‘Trailside Tuning Guide’ which helps and instructs users to understand the elements of suspension control and settings.

It also contains many different set-ups for a variety of conditions. Five spring rates round off a CV that any fork could be proud of and ensures that all rider weights are catered for. Visually is the only area where the BoXXer R2C2 has changed for 2013, with matt paint and integrated graphics.

Fisher Outdoor Leisure: 01727 798 340

PRICE: £1099.99