Orange 322

With this 322 Orange have finally put themselves back where they belong; at the top of the downhill game. In recent years Orange’s downhill offering has suffered where others have prospered; technology has jumped leaps and bounds and the desire for the practicality of an Orange has slumped somewhat, but now we can safely say that the problem has been addressed with the firm’s most radical change in design to date.

The ‘hole in the down-tube’ design has been toyed with for a great number of prototypes and Orange’s riders have played a large part in its development. Certainly not hasty to release this model, Orange have been patient and now we are seeing the fruits of their intensive labours. The huge change in pivot location has allowed the bike’s designers to play with the progression of the suspension through its full motion, leading to a tune that smooths out all the small bumps yet ramps up near the end of its travel allowing it to cope just as easily with big hits.

A step back into the limelight is imminent for Orange and justifiably so; the brand’s trademarks are still present (stiffest and most reliable frames available), but with performance to rival all others.

Price: Frame £2399.99

Complete (as shown) £4999.99

Orange Bikes 01422 311 113