The art of making 29er bikes able in all terrains, particularly when the going gets technical, has taken bike companies quite some time to perfect, but with the Shinobi from Norco the big-wheeled future is looking bright.

All of Norco’s bikes are built to withstand hard use and the sort of technically challenging terrain that surrounds the company’s base in British Columbia, Canada. Norco have aimed this bike at those who like to adventure but also like to push it on the downhills, and the result is a bike that can handle everything you can throw at it. We love riding this bike on super-technical tracks and it does still climb really well. A great balance for any bike, and one that’s especially tricky to achieve with the bigger wheels. Hats off to Norco on a brilliant piece of design that has clearly been thoroughly tried and tested, probably on the their doorstep!

Although folk in BC like to huck, and this bike could certainly withstand drops and jumps, it is still a 29er and is most at home when picking apart nasty technical trails or stomping up back-country climbs.

Price: Complete £3300.00

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