Marzocchi 55 RC3 TI

The majority of fork manufacturers may be turning every attention to air-sprung units, but Marzocchi are keeping it real with this 55 which runs on a titanium spring and reaps every benefit of it.

It almost goes without saying that any fork from Marzocchi is supple through its travel, and with the 55 every millimetre (170mm in total) of the suspension’s movement is super smooth and stiction free. Small bumps are where most air forks suffer, but it’s here where this one excels, leading to maximum grip at all times. Out on the mountain it’s difficult to find the 55’s limit, and as an enduro fork they work superbly. Styling is typically Italian and they’re only available in sparkly white, which we think looks great especially coupled with the shiny silver nickel treated stanchions.

We wouldn’t be surprised if these forks end up becoming as legendary as the original Bomber forks, they just encapsulate all the best parts of Marzocchi.

Windwave 02392 521912

Price: £849.95

Tapered Steerer Tube: £879.95