We first tested this bike at Kona’s launch of the model out in Crans Montana, Switzerland, and to say that we were impressed would be an understatement. It’s a true reflection of the changing of the tides for Kona since a brand and bike overhaul three years ago. 170mm of travel makes this another ‘mini- DH’ bike on paper, but to be honest it seriously hauls even on the most rugged of downhill track. There’s nothing ‘mini’ about the potential of this bike.

Kona’s pro freestyler Graham Aggasiz aided product manager Chris Mandell in designing, prototyping and refining what has become a brilliant bike. Graham spins and flips his, but we reckon the Entourage is at its best when tearing corners to pieces and blasting out run after run of any British or Alpine hillside. The finish is also superbly well thought out, for example a round down-tube may not exactly be new technology, but Kona make a point of highlighting its deliberate inclusion; none of those “cute pads" (Kona) that you see on so many of the “oh-so-vogue heavily shaped" (also Kona’s words) down-tubes of competitors bikes. Kona are a company with fresh staff, bright ideas and plenty of character, and their great new bikes reflect that.

Price: Complete £3299.00