Trail Bike of the Year for the Tracer 29 and it isn’t hard to see why. Lovingly crafted, handmade in the Intense factory, and available in unique-looking colours. If beauty alone could win the Dirt 100 award then this would have it. Speed though is what has won this bike the grand title, plus the ability to destroy any terrain in its path.

In Steve Jones’ words this bike is a “wrecking machine, almost unstoppable once you get up to speed". It’s also incredibly solid feeling, something that not a great deal of 29ers have managed to get right, and it proves that you don’t need a bike to be made from carbon for it to feel right. Low standover height makes this bike feel nimble and reassuringly compact under you as well, in fact we’ll go as far as saying it’s crazy low, you could easily forget that you’re on the big wheels on this one. Talking of wheels, put a set of carbon hoops on it for increased stiffness and you are set to seek and destroy on one of the fastest, most confidence inspiring 29ers that money can buy. Albeit plenty of it.

Price: Frame £1999.00

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