Every single product that comes out of Hope’s factory looks like it has had the care and attention of every single member of the company, and no one can deny the beauty of their components. But Hope’s assets stretch beyond looks and the Tech Evo V2 is just that; tech. Look at the functionality of the levers themselves and you will understand – the ‘on-the-fly’ adjustable reach and bite point adjustment knobs are almost industrial when compared to some companies’ attempts to incorporate the same features, and their practicality is undoubted.

There was a time when Hope DH brakes suffered when taken to Alpine hillsides but those days are long-gone, and with either a floating or vented rotor option available along with braided hoses you are sure never to suffer brake fade. The grippy surface, smooth operation and easily interchangeable ambidextrous ‘flip-flop’ design (the reservoir is capped on both the top and bottom) of the lever makes it all the more impressive. Round all of this off with probably the best customer service in mountain biking and you’ve got a great option for a UK downhill rider.

PRICE: Standard hose £125.00, Braided hose £135.00

Hope 01282 851 200