Ghost bikes are off most of the Dirt readerships’ radars as the brand is better known in lycra-clad circles, but there is no denying Ghost’s manufacturing abilities and typically German attention to detail.

Thankfully for the more aggressive trail riding market Ghost have this weapon in their armoury – the AMR Plus Lector 9000 (bit of a mouthful). Dirt’s Jon Gregory has ridden one of these as a long-term test bike and he was so impressed, as were we all, by its geometry, layout and efficiency that we just had to include it in the 100. It’s a 150mm trail bike and what it does very well indeed is to destroy everything in its path. It gobbles up hills and laughs at even the most high-speed descent. With its full carbon frame and high-end components it’s not surprising that this bike is lightweight (under 26lbs), and whilst it isn’t aimed at full-on technical riding (it’s more a single-track killer), for anyone living outside of the mountains who needs to translate every bit of energy into speed, the efficiency of the Ghost’s suspension linkage and the quality of the package will come as a revelation.

Price: £4949.99

Hotlines 01313 191 444