The one set of 29er rims to be included in this year’s 100 just had to be these; the almighty Haven’s from Easton.

Carbon wheels are still seen by many as a little iffy when it comes to hard-core enduro and downhill riding, but certainly for a big-wheeler with the intention of trail and all-mountain riding there is nothing better. The main draw to these wheels is their incredible rigidity – something much sought after for 29er bikes – and we find that they do noticeably improve the ride of a bike, giving better cornering and increased power output in a straight line. The fact they stay straight when other lesser wheels would be reduced to a pringle is clearly a major bonus too. Build and bearing quality is also admirable, but the price tag is most certainly not.

Just looking at the price is enough to reduce grown men to tears, but if you like big wheels and have the reserve cash to splash out we would recommend looking no further.

Price: Front £1000.00, Rear £1050.00

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