DMR Vault

DMR have a knack of coming up with products that gain cult status, the Trailstar frame and V8/V12 pedals being the finest examples, and we think that the Vault pedals are up there with their best.

A great feeling concave platform is twinned with ‘FlipPins’, which are pins that can cleverly be flipped around for either a long or short setting, a good solution to providing something that can suit downhillers and dirt jump riders alike.

These have as much grip and feel as you could want, and their reasonably low weight (402g) more than justifies their price, not that it is particularly high in the first place. A Brendan Fairclough signature pedal is now also available in a full stealth black finish; black pins, axle and body. Pimp.

Price: £99.99

Upgrade 01403 711 611