Don’t expect to see the Cane Creek DB (Double Barrel) disappearing from the Dirt 100 for the foreseeable future as this is the most accomplished shock design on the market and there are very few that can even dream of being called a rival.

As far as performance goes, the DB really cannot be flawed as high and low speed rebound and compression damping are all independently adjustable and run on Cane Creek’s unique twin-tube circuit which, simply put, means that you have direct access to the valving of the shock (as the oil runs through valves which are controlled by the external adjusters). Out on the hill, the shock somehow manages to never, ever become unstuck, never flustered and is probably the most forgiving of any shock on the market.

The only thing about the DB is...that it’s perhaps perceived by some as being too good. All those settings and talk of fine-tuning can be a deterrent to some people, but thanks to Cane Creek’s superbly written new ‘Tuning Field Guide’ the whole process is demystified and it won’t be long before you’ll be dialling in the perfect ride and forgetting the shock is even there.

Price: £525.00

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