There are few products that can better the construction of Cane Creek’s shocks, and this new air-sprung number takes the already fantastic Double Barrel and makes it a whole lot lighter. The DB Air shares many of its coil-sprung counterparts’ attributes such as its superb control, longevity and adjustability. High and low-speed compression and rebound are externally controlled via the shock’s industrial-looking adjusters, allowing the ride character of a bike to be finely tuned.

Cane Creek haven’t set out to replace their DB Coil shock with this one though, they simply want to offer an alternative with differing characteristics and decreased weight for all-mountain riding and smoother downhill tracks. That said, some riders prefer the feel of this air shock even on the roughest downhill track.

Everything about this shock shouts quality, even down to the box it comes in and the handy supplied tool that makes adjustments even easier.

Price: £505.00

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