Along with their Double Barrel shock, Cane Creek are having a pretty good go at setting some industry standards. The Angleset has already worked its way onto many peoples’ bikes, giving the ability to dramatically alter the geometry almost as simply as fitting a new headset.

Whilst a standard set of angle reducer cups from another brand will do the same job, the Angleset comes with all the necessary hardware to make changes in .5 degree increments, right up to a maximum of plus or minus 1.5 degrees. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to alter the ride character of their steed and it’s available for the majority of bikes.

The clever gimbal system, which is basically a cup and cone, allows for slight discrepancies in alignment when it comes to fitting the cups into the frame, meaning they are also easier to fit than other reducer cups and your bearings will last longer.

Price: From £179.99

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