Mountain biking has always thrived on innovation and constant progression of technology combined with constantly changing riding styles and morphing of disciplines, and the geometry of the bikes we use is ever changing to adapt to those needs. But when you drop several thousand pounds on your dream steed the last thing you want is to know the angles are out of date a year later, or that the bike’s geometry doesn’t quite suit your well developed riding style.

Angle reducer headsets have helped to solve that problem for several years now, but by far the cheapest and easiest way to alter the angles is with a set of offset bushings for your shock. In many cases the fact that they also lower the bottom bracket a touch can be seen as an added bonus. Last year we included the Steamer Industries ( bushings because they are the cheapest and we love the fact they are handmade in the company shed, but these Burgtec ones are made from titanium and cost very little more, which we think is enough reason for them to sneak onto these pages.

A word of warning though, if you are thinking of fitting offset bushings then carefully check that they won’t result in any frame clearance issues.

Price: £24.99

Burgtec 01782 510 777