The idea behind YT (Young Talent) Industries is to provide great value bikes that help young riders get into the sport, and that they have achieved, but it doesn’t really do them justice because this bike could easily be raced at World Cup level. Like the rest of their range YT have managed to get the geometry nailed, and the suspension is just as dialled too.

We actually find it pretty incredible that such a new company has managed to get things so right from day one, and it’s great to see a company taking such a fresh approach to the way they sell bikes. The direct thing might not be anything new, but the other way they keep costs down is to offer just one well thought out model of each bike.

The spec on this bike is as good as anyone really needs with the likes of a RockShox R2C2 BoXXer, and to get it all for such an impressive price does make you question the price of other bikes. Not just a great bike to start out on, it’s a great bike full stop.

Price: 2199.00 eur

YT Industries 0049 91917 363 050