Some bikes flatter a rider, but this one definitely doesn’t. Actually that’s not strictly true because it’s so bloody light that it makes anyone feel like they’re Marco Pantani on the climbs, but point it anywhere apart from up and you have to be on it. The problem is that it’s just so bloody fast, everywhere.

The incredible geometry lends itself to tackling everything at full tilt, it always wants to be pushed hard, but with a relatively limited 127mm of suspension you can easily find yourself getting into trouble and coming unstuck. It might sound a bit strange calling a 5" travel bike limited in terms of travel, but there’s something about this bike that makes you ride it like you stole it, and you always seem to be on the limit.

If you’re a skilled rider you’ll love how scary fast that limit is, and you’ll also love the way it keeps you on your toes. So, whilst it might not flatter some, for others it’s nothing short of deadly. In a good way of course.

Price: Frame £2199.00,

Complete £4395.00

Silverfish 01752 843 882