Stunning looks and equally stunning performance is what really sums up these brakes, and unlike so many other shiny things they’re ultra reliable too.

If you’re one of the rare few who like to middle finger brake then you might not get on with the ultra short lever, but if you’re not you will love it. There’s so much power on offer that you never need more than one finger, and despite all the power they still manage to offer loads of feel. With the full range of reach and bite point adjusters on offer all tastes are catered for, and you even get these adjusters on the cheaper XT version which offers just the same performance, albeit without the fancy finish and gram counting.

As impressive as the brakes themselves are we also feel that the IceTech rotors deserve their own mention. With their aluminium core they dissipate heat like no other rotor, reducing brake fade, and with them being compatible with other makes of brake, and available in 6–bolt versions, they are a worthy upgrade in their own right.

Price: £199.99 + Rotor (£39.99 – £54.99)