This is the bike that the Scratch Air always should have been. It’s light, low, slack, maneuverable, and most importantly a whole lot of fun. It brings a smile to your face from the moment you get on it, it’s just one of those bikes that instantly feels right.

In the lower and slacker of the two adjustable geometry settings this bike is capable of carrying some serious speed, especially with 160mm of travel that’s ably controlled by the unique Fox DRCV shock. Think supple at the start with an almost bottomless end and you’re on the right lines.

Even without the option of a carbon frame like its 10mm shorter travel Remedy stable mate, this bike is still plenty light enough to pedal about, and despite on paper being closely related to that bike it feels a whole lot more capable, yet just as efficient.Throw in some of Trek’s typical attention to detail and high quality finish and you’ve got one hell of a bike that gets as close to an XC capable mini DH bike as you’re likely to find.

Price: £4750.00

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