If you fancy going down the 1x10 route (or 1x9 for that matter) on your trail bike then you’ll need some form of chain device, and we reckon all you need is one of these. Obviously a full–on DH chain device will offer even greater protection against chain loss, but this simple top guide is totally silent and friction free, which can’t be said for any of the former.

The chances of you losing a chain with one of these are still very slim, and if you’re not racing against the clock is a thrown chain once in a blue moon really a problem? We don’t think so, especially when you weigh it up against the benefits of such a simple system like this.

There are several other offerings out there that are almost identical to this one, but Superstar have once again managed to make a quality product that sells for a fraction of what the others cost. Basically this one works a treat and is an absolute bargain, enough said.


-Bottom Bracket Mount £16.99

-Seat Tube Mount £19.99

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