In the interest of keeping some level of reality we’ve once again chosen SRAM’s X0 rather than XX because it comes oh so close in terms of weight and performance whilst leaving your wallet a whole lot heavier.

We also think X0 is just a little bit more robust, and it’s easily still ‘special’ enough, plus if you want to really push the tart factor you can go for one of a whole host of different finishes. If there’s one thing that we really like about the latest X0 though it has to be the addition of the tweaked ‘DH’ version, and in particular the cranks. It’s no secret that we love running a 1x10 set–up even on our trail bikes, and these carbon cranks are perfect for such a set–up.

Being DH labelled they might seem overkill, but at 750g all in these are lighter than many XC offerings and you’ll never have to worry about them. Of course they’d also go great on any DH bike, as would the new rear mech, which is designed to work better with a close ratio cassette.

Rear Mech: £179.99

Shifters: Pair: £169.99, Single £99.99

Cassette: £224.99

Chainset: £359.99

Bottom Bracket: £29.99

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