Even in its 10" (254mm) travel setting the carbon V10 (front end only at present) still manages to lead the pack when it comes to power transfer. With full builds easily achievable under 34lbs its low weight obviously helps when you put the power down, but that VPP suspension feels like it doesn’t waste a single drop. The bike is also very easy to pick up, less of a wheels–on– the–ground kind of bike, so if you like to throw it around a bit you’ll love the V10.

Overall the design has evolved beautifully, it would have been hard to imagine all those years ago that something so brutal and complicated would turn into something so refined and beautiful, but that’s exactly what this bike is.

The balance of the bike has got better over the years too, and we’re now at a point where we’re struggling to imagine how they can make this bike any better. Carbon back end? Well that seems to be in the pipeline too. Definitely the modern classic when it comes to DH bikes, and it’s easily still one of the best.


Price: Frame £2999.00, Complete £6299.00,

Team Replica £7599.00

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