The performance of this great value shock is hard to put into words. It simply works.

You know when you get on a bike and you just think ‘this suspension feels great’, well that’s exactly what we think every time we get on a bike that’s fitted with one of these. With three adjusters on offer (beginning and ending stroke rebound, and compression) there’s plenty of scope for getting this shock dialled in to a particular suspension design, or personal preference, and although it’s a very simple solution the three different hardness bottom–out bumpers do a great job of controlling the far reaches of the travel.

It’s definitely worth experimenting with these as we’ve found that many riders don’t bother, but they can really make a difference. It’s a perfect example of how sometimes things don’t need to be complicated and it actually lets the rest of the shock concentrate on the more important parts of the stroke.

Price: £409.99

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