If you haven’t tried using an adjustable seatpost then you really are missing out on a trick because we reckon they easily stand up there as one of the most revolutionary bits of kit, especially when it comes in the shape of this Reverb.

It offers a full 5" of step–less adjustment which is controlled via a remote hydraulic lever, and the whole thing is built to stay silky smooth even in the harshest of conditions. You can even adjust the return speed of the post using a dial on the lever. It might seem like a hefty investment, but we’d be incredibly surprised if it turns out to be one that you regret because this post really can make a trail ride a whole lot more fun, and it is without doubt the best design out there at the moment. In fact it’s so good that we now hate any bike manufacturer that makes a frame that hasn’t got either a 30.9 or 31.6mm seat tube. Every trail bike really should have one of these fitted.

Price: £299.99

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