Sadly consistency in manufacturing is something that we see too little of when it comes to forks, but despite getting to ride countless pairs of Revelation’s we’re yet to experience a bad set.

That in itself is a rare quality, but to find a 150mm travel fork which works so well and is as light as these is perhaps even rarer. For such a light fork they’re surprisingly good at tackling the big stuff, but they’re also extremely sensitive and provide a high level of grip in all circumstances. As with the BoXXer’s these forks also score highly in reliability and ease of service. With only a small amount of mechanical skill you can strip these down and make sure they’re performing at their best.

There are a massive number of options in the Revelation range (although sadly not so many with a 1 1/8" steerer) including every axle type there is, but when it comes to the air spring we’d recommend going for the Dual Air rather than the Dual Position Air. It might need a bit of care when setting up, but the overall performance is better.

Price: £899.99

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