Both the Vivid Air and the standard Monarch are mighty fine air shocks, but it’s this Monarch Plus that sits between the two and pinches technology from both that is the one that really shines.

It’s a pity that more companies aren’t fitting it to frames because it offers Vivid–like damping and control in a package that weighs not much more than a regular Monarch. The three position compression adjustment might sound a little coarse but in reality we’ve found that it offers all that we need and we like the way you can easily flick the lever for climbing. Rebound wise it features the superb Dual Flow system with an external dial for adjusting the beginning of the stroke.

We think that this shock is perfect for a wide range of bikes, from trail to enduro DH, and there’s currently very little competition in terms of weight versus performance. It also helps that it’s proved to be one of the most reliable air shocks that we’ve ever used.

Price: From £409.99

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