With countless years of development behind it and input from more World Cup racers than any other fork it’s not exactly surprising that this BoXXer has turned out as good as it has done. It offers great sensitivity in roots and rocks, yet thanks to the bottom–out control it’s easy to set this fork up so that it still remains composed in the big stuff.

If anything it almost offers too many adjusters because you can easily get things wrong, but in the right hands a pair of these can be tweaked to perfection. The forks are also incredibly easy to service, which we think is a great attribute, but to be honest they’re pretty bloody reliable so you don’t need to do it too often.

Other things that we love about them are the welcome amount of chassis compliance which definitely stops you getting too beaten up, plus of course there’s their class leading weight. The Keronite finish is definitely the one to go for, as apart from being lighter it’s also far harder wearing.

Price: £1399.99

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