You’re going to have to pay for it, but if you want a set of cranks that offer freeride strength for XC weight then these are where it’s at. With hollow carbon arms they really are stupidly light, but despite us subjecting them to things that they were probably never even designed for they have still come out the other side completely unscathed.

If we ever had doubts about carbon being a suitable material to make cranks out of then these have well and truly proved us wrong. The only small grumble is that we wish Race Face would also sell these without the rings because they must add a fair bit to the price and if like us you run just a single ring all they do is gather dust in the shed.

Talking of single ring use, Race Face are one of the few companies that offer chainline adjustment on their cranks and it’s bloody handy when you’re trying to get a chain device set up perfectly.

Price: £549.00

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