Two hundred quid might seem like a hell of a lot for an XC lid, but we actually think this one is worth it, and we don’t say that lightly. The reason being is that an incredible amount of technology and thought has gone into this helmet in order to offer unrivalled levels of protection.

At the heart of this new range– topping model (cheaper versions are available) lies the ‘MIPS’ system that we’ve seen before in their DH lid. Basically this is the first system that has been designed to reduce rotational forces on the brain in an impact, and studies have shown that those forces can be some of the most damaging.

Apart from that the helmet also features a multi–impact EPS core which is further reinforced with aramid fibres. Essentially this lid is as tough as anything, yet it’s still lightweight and offers great venting. With trail bike speeds ever increasing and the rise in Enduro style events we think this is a great product. We also happen to love its unique styling.

Price: £200.00

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