With their revolutionary flexible VPD back protector POC changed the way we think about body armour, but they haven’t rested on their laurels because this latest incarnation is better than ever. The new ‘2.0’ designation marks both improved materials and production techniques which have resulted in even better comfort and protection.

The overall design of this new jacket is equally impressive though as its relatively simple construction makes it far less bulky than other designs, which just improves comfort even further. Apart from the elbow pads all the pads can be removed so you can tailor it to your specific needs, and every single one of them is made from the magical VPD material.

There’s not a hard shell protector in sight. If you’ve been put off wearing body armour in the past because of its restrictive nature then you really need to try this stuff out, and yes it might be expensive but it should last you for years. Oh, and it works well with a neck brace.

Price: £300.00

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