When bikes as simple as this work so well it really does make you take all the marketing bullshit behind more complicated designs with a pinch of salt.

Aside from a few useful tweaks over the years, like added adjustable seatpost compatibility, a tapered headtube and ISCG tabs, the overall design has remained pretty much unchanged for years. It’s as simple and great as it ever has been, with suspension that easily rivals any other 140mm bike out there (and many with more travel too). If we had to pick qualities that we love most about the Five it would have to be its grip and neutrality.

It’s easily the best bike of its nature in that final respect, you always know where you are with it, there are never any nasty surprises. Of course such a simple design highlights any failings in the shock department so it’s crucial to get that right. Our top recommendation on that front would be an ‘E’ tune RockShox Monarch. Try out that combination and you won’t ever be saying you ‘need’ something more complicated.

Price: Frame: £1399.99, £2799.99

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