We might as well cut to the chase...we reckon this is the best descending 160mm travel bike that’s currently on the market.

It might be simple, but team that single pivot swingarm with a Cane Creek Double Barrel (+£250 on the price) and you’ve got a frame that’ll shame many DH offerings. Its simplicity also brings with it reliability, and for a bike that you’re going to take to the Alps for a piss about we think that’s high on the agenda. That is what this bike is really suited to, and for many riders it’ll be more suitable/more fun than a full–on DH bike in those kind of situations.

Forget about trying to do much climbing on this bike though, it is not its strong point by any means. Yes it will go up, but if you’re after a true all–rounder there are better options within these pages. Saying that, its descending prowess is so impressive that there will be some of you who’ll gladly suffer on the up for what this bike has to offer on the downs.

Price: Frame £1699.99, Complete £3149.99

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