We don’t reckon you can buy a better set of Lock–On grips than these, everything about them is just spot on.

The unique surface pattern is really the key to them as it provides superb grip even if your hands are covered in mud, yet at the same time it also makes them some of the comfiest grips. All those cut outs and edges mean that the rubber can move about a bit, which in turn makes them far softer than any other grip this skinny.

The way that the grip overlaps the clamp a little is also a genius touch as it means the clamp doesn’t dig into your hands if you tend to grip right on the outside of your bars. We’re struggling to think how you could make a Lock–On grip any better, Troy Lee and ODI have simply nailed it and we reckon they’re well worth the extra few quid over a cheap set.

Price: £22.99 Ison Distribution

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