It’s a tough call, but if we had to say which DH bike has the best suspension then the Makulu would be our choice.

From experimenting with other shocks it is clear that the linkage, which is driven by the single pivot swingarm, plays a considerable part in the performance, but stick a BOS shock in there and you’ve got a truly amazing package. The two products bring out the best of each other, a match made in heaven if ever there was one. If you then go and stick a pair of BOS forks up front you won’t ever be able to blame your suspension, it’s perfectly balanced and offers all the grip and composure that you’ll ever need. Luckily the rest of the design doesn’t let the side down either, you get great geometry and over the years this bike has proven to be one of the most reliable.

Off–the–shelf performance like this doesn’t come around every day, so the lack of a UK distributor at the moment definitely shouldn’t put you off buying one.

Price: Frame 2999.00 eur,

Complete 5299.00 eur

Sports Nut 0049 71211 447 740