What a recipe. Take one of the best DH frames there is, shorten the travel to 7" (178mm), lower it a little, and then hey presto you’ve got one of the best Mini DH bikes there is.

The quality of the suspension is just as good as the Makulu with grip and seemingly endless travel aplenty. If you’re after the ultimate Kalula set–up then the BOS fork and shock package that sells for ‹3499 is really the one to go for, but for simple off–the–peg convenience and value the full build is still a worthy consideration.

The fact that the Kalula doesn’t have the same level of stability as the Makulu might well lose you a few seconds in a race, but this bike isn’t about winning races, it’s about having a laugh. That’s not to say it isn’t quick, because it is, it’s just that it’s got a bit more life to it and it’s hard not to fall for the way that this bike corners. The final thing that makes this bike deserve a place in this issue is that just like the Makulu it’s proved to be ultra reliable.

Price: Frame from 2399.00 eur, Complete 4599.00 eur

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