With competition coming in from all directions we weren’t sure who was eventually going to knock the High Roller off its ‘number one DH tyre’ spot, but it turns out that it was Maxxis themselves with this revised version.

The differences are subtle, but then again there wasn’t really much to improve upon. There has been some change in the shape of the blocks, but we think it’s the spacing of them that has probably made the biggest change in their performance. Basically the level of grip from upright to fully leant over is now more constant than ever, plus they also seem to clear a little better too. The 3C compound is as good as ever too with its mix of fast rolling (and longer lasting) rubber and softer tackier stuff in the places where you really need it.

Not cheap, but we reckon they’re worth it.

Price: £58.99

One Industries Europe 0844 692 8111