With their buttery smooth performance these 170mm travel 55’s provide an amazing level of grip, sticking to the ground at every possible opportunity.

Because they’re so smooth your body also gets far less of a working–over compared to many other forks, and you can really notice the benefit of this both on longer descents and multiple days of riding. They also offer a great level of control and adjustability thanks to the RC3 EVO damping, which has been taken from the 888’s.

The only difference is that these only feature a fully interchangeable compression shim stack rather than on the rebound as well, but to be honest with the range of external adjustments on offer we doubt many riders will ever even need to dip inside. Just like the 888’s these forks are also incredibly reliable and rarely require a service, plus despite being a coil sprung fork they still manage to rival air sprung forks for weight. These are becoming as much of a classic as the original Bomber.

Price: 1 1/8" £879.95, Tapered £899.95

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