The jury still seems to be out on whether or not neck braces are just the latest fashion accessory or a life saving piece of kit, and we’ve got a feeling that a unanimous decision either way may never be made, but whatever the case if you’re after one then there really is only one choice as far as we’re concerned…Leatt.

Actually there is more than one choice because Leatt make three different bike models, but our pick of the bunch is this latest version of the Comp which sits in the middle of the range. It might not be as light as the Pro but it’s a damn site cheaper and offers the greatest range of adjustment.

The new ‘High Impact Polymer’ construction is lighter and stronger than before, plus the padding is now all velcro–less just like the Pro, and the new hinges make fitting and removal even easier than before. Basically the best just got even better.

Price: £359.99

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