What a difference a clean sheet can make. It’s fair to say that after years of constant tweaking Kona’s DH bike started to look, and at times feel like a bit of a dogs dinner, but they went back to the drawing board with this Operator and they've come out with a corker.

It’s so much neater than before and the angles are bang up to date, plus although the suspension design is of a similar ilk it seems a whole lot more effective. Weirdly after back–to–back testing on the two different models we actually came away preferring the much cheaper of the two.

It just works, everything is well balanced, and unless you really want to go to town there’s little need to change any of the components. Admittedly the non–integrated stem is a bit of a strange inclusion, but even that you can live with. All in all, a massive step in the right direction and it still appears to be every bit as dependable as any other Kona DH bike has been.

Price: £2550.00