If you’re going to be donning a full face lid the chances are that you’re looking for as much protection as you can get, and this V3R offers it by the bucket load. Fox took their excellent V3 MX lid and tailored it specifically for bike use, and the result is pretty special to say the least.

It may be considerably larger than some other lids, but there’s a reason for it. Firstly they haven’t had to hold back on impact absorbing EPS foam, and secondly they haven’t had to hold back on softer padding either. The result is that this is easily one of the comfiest lids we’ve ever used, and because the padding is so deep it’s also proven to be the most tolerant of different shaped heads.

Don’t let the size make you think it weighs a tonne though because the carbon and Kevlar construction helps keep the weight down to a respectable 1188g. Yes that’s not the lightest by any means, but we think you’ll struggle to find one that offers more protection, and to find one that offers such quality and value for money too is nigh on impossible.

Price: £290.00

Fox Europe 01914 876 100