With more heritage in making long travel DH bikes than any other company it’s great to see the return to form of Foes in this market.

It’s no secret that their DHS Mono was a bit long in the tooth with outdated geometry and needless complication and weight, but this Hydro is simply bang on. It manages to strike the perfect balance of being lively yet stable, making it fun yet fast. Sadly that’s often a hard thing to find with a DH race bike. Suspension wise it offers endless amounts of grip, especially when partnered with an Elka shock. You can choose to buy the frame with several different shocks, but we’ve found Elka works best and it also happens to be one of the cheapest.

Talking of price, the simpler design of this frame means that despite it still being handcrafted in the USA by the man himself, Foes can now sell it for less than many that are made in the Far East. Simple it may be, but it’s still every bit as special as a Foes always has been, and now it’s more affordable than ever.

Price: £2300.00 inc Elka Shock

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