With their classic V12’s DMR once had almost cult–like status when it came to flat pedals, and after several years of letting others take over the mantle it’s great to see them back to the top of the game with these Vaults.

The huge 115x115mm platform offers all the space you’ll ever need and despite being only 17mm thick it still features a proper concave shape along with some quality bearings. They also weigh in at a highly competitive 402g, and that’s without the optional Ti axle upgrade which shaves off another 70g. Even though they’re so light for such a big pedal they’ve proved to be more than capable of taking on rocks.

We also really like the unique ‘FlipPin’ pins which you can fit to be either short or long, and even when you go for short there’s still plenty of grip to be had. A great return to form.

Price: £89.99

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