You’d think that 140mm of travel was plenty enough for any trail bike, but this one has such good geometry for out and out ripping that it almost has you begging for more.

We love it like that though, and if you were to add some more you’d no doubt instantly ruin it. What travel is on offer though is high quality thanks to a classic 4–bar design, and when combined with the overall low slung nature you get a bike that rips through even the most technical of corners.

If you don’t want a bike where you regularly feel like you’re pushing its limits then look elsewhere, but we think there’s a whole lot of fun to be had with this bike. It’s also got to be said that if you do find its limit you’re going some, so don’t think for one second that this bike isn’t capable. If anything it’s possibly almost too capable of getting you into trouble, especially when pointing down.

The great value and well thought out spec just make this bike even more attractive than it already is, plus there’s also a carbon version if you want to go even lighter.

Price: £2699.00

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