There are a few things that everyone here wants on their bike, and a pair of Chris King hubs are right up there at the top of that list.

Some of their appeal is difficult to put into words, but even from a pure performance standpoint they’re second to none. They last for years without so much as even a bearing change, they’re light as a feather, and most importantly they contain the unique RingDrive freehub design.

On the surface you can appreciate this for its near instant pick up and legendary sound, but delve inside and you’ll discover that the design means that the more pressure you put through the pedals, the more solid the engagement becomes.

Basically, whilst other beautiful things may let you down in life, a set of King hubs never will, and whilst they might look mega expensive at first you could actually build up a set of these for less than many wheelsets.

Price: Front £176.11 – £182.95, Rear £360.79 – £391.59

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